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About Savannah Cats

Click on the Links below to learn more about Savannah Cats:


What is a Savannah Cat?

What is an African Serval?

What kind of temperament does a Savannah Cat have?


Appearance and Colours

What Makes Savannah Cats Different

Common and Uncommon Savannah Colours

Savannah Cats VS Bengals


Guide to the Generations

What Do All the Letters and Numbers Mean?

Which Generation is Suitable for You?


Health Considerations

Are Savannah Cats Hypallergenic?

What About Declawing?

Early Spay / Neuter (ESN)


Savannah Cat Diet

What do Savannah Cats Eat?

What we feed our Savannahs at Savvy Paws


Misc. Savannah Questions

Can Savannah Cats go Outdoors?


Savannah Kitten
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