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Health Considerations

Are Savannah Cats Hypoallergenic?


There are websites that advertise Savannah Cats (among other hybrid cats) as hypoallergenic cats. This is a marketing tactic as there is no such thing as a true hypoallergenic cat! There are cats that are easier on allergies then others, but it depends on what part of the cat a person is allergic to. If a person is allergic to the fur, then a low shedding, short haired cat, or hairless cat would definitely be easier on the allergies. If a person is allergic to the dander then there are breeds that produce less dander as well. There are also certain cats that produce less of the particular proteins in their saliva that causes another allergen. All cats will come with some amount of dander, saliva or fur (even hairless cats have a “peach fuzz” to them) no matter what! Thus, each individual person will react differently depending on how strong their allergy is.


Savannahs, among other hybrids, are known to be low-shedding cats and many produce less dander and seem to be overall easier on people with allergies. It might have to do with the exotic cat in their pedigree. They are definitely not hypoallergenic, however!


At Savvy Paws we’ve carefully homed cats into minor allergy homes without problems. What we recommended is for interested people without moderate or serious allergies to come spend some time interacting with out cats and see how they do during and after their visit. We also ask them to bring a cloth for us to rub down one of our cats with. We ask the person to take this home and interact with it the next day (hold it, rub it on their hands, etc.). If they still don’t have a reaction then a kitten is a possibility. If they are set on getting a kitten in the future, and are willing to take the chance that they will need allergy medication later on, then we will sell kittens to them on special contracts. For one, we require people understand that they should never allow the kitten/cat into their bedroom and especially not where they sleep! Regardless of how well their allergies are doing, breathing in the allergens all night while asleep definitely increases the chance for reactions to build up!


What About Declawing?


Answers regarding declawing coming soon!

Info on Early Spay / Neuter (ESN) and Myths Despelled


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