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Associations & Helpful Websites

The Canadian Cat Association (CCA-AFC)
The CCA-AFC is Canada’s only purebred feline registry.


The International Cat Association (TICA)
TICA is the world’s largest genetic registry of pedigreed cats.


The Savannah Cat Association (SCA)
This is the International Savannah Cat Association. Anyone interested in any or all aspects of Savannahs may

join and learn.


The Savannah Breed Section
Owners, breeders, and fanciers participating in the development and future of the exotic Savannah Cat!

There is a wealth of information on this website likely to answer EVERY question a person has on Savannahs!


Savannah Cat Sites


Savannah Cat Chat
A friendly community forum to ask questions, get advice, post "brag" pictures and just casually chat about

Savannah Cats!


Savannah Cat Rescue

The Savannah Cat Rescue is a dedicated group of breeders and foster homes. Their mission is to help any

Savannah in need. While most responsible breeders will take back any of their cats throughout their lifetime,

the rescue is here to help any that have fallen through the cracks.
The most complete list of reputable Savannah Cat Breeders worldwide.


Other Useful Sites
Check out this page to find out if hybrids or exotics are restricted in your area.


UC Davis Veterinary Medicine
Veterinary Genetics Laboratory for testing and animal health resources.

Optimal Selection

Leading genetic testing panel for both pedigreed and mixed-breed cats! Their tests includes 40+ genetic

health tests, plus blood type, along with traits and genetic diversity.

Healthy Hearts Animal Wellness

Registered Pet Herbalist, Animal Communicator, and Feline Behaviourist in Ontario, Canada.


Messybeast Cat Resource Archive
This is a large database filled with tons of interesting cat facts, including health and genetic facts, medical

curiosities, breeder resources, and just overall information on cat care.


Feline Nutrition

Learn how you can easily feed your cat a healthy and balanced and bio-appropriate diet. Discover the

connections between diet and diesease.



Here, Kitty Kitty. Endless information on feline behaviours, tricks, and overall everything to do with cats!

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