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Savannah Queens


F1A Savannah Queen "Fusionkatz Cheetah Girl of SavvyPaws".

We have always admired Cheetah and her kittens back when she was a queen at Fusionkatz Savannahs, and when we were offered the chance to adopt her into our family in 2014 we were absolultey thrilled! It took a lot of planning to finally bring Cheetah home, and in late spring of 2015 we finally got to meet her. She is even more stunning in person! After a long adjustment period, we reintroduced her to her husband Coyote, and we're excited to announce their first litter here at Savvy Paws was born in early 2016!

Cheetah is everything a domestic to Serval hybrid should be and is a very tall F1 Savannah Cat. She has beautiful large ears with pronounced ocelli, well hooded eyes much like her African Serval father, spots from head to toe (including Serval freckling on her face, neck and paws), and the coveted black puffy nose! Cheetah has a very elegant yet powerful strut yet is very gentle when she needs to be. We love listening to all of the exotic chirps she makes.

Cheetah is out of Black Beauty (Serengetti Queen) and Duma of Fusionkatz (African Serval Stud). Cheetah has tested PKDeficiency and PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) Negative (N/N).



F2B Savannah Queen "Demdar Soleil of SavvyPaws".

Soleil was bred by renown F1 and F2 veterinary breeder Kristin at Demdar Savanahs. Demdar is known for producing some of the most healthy and social F2 Savannah Kittens out there. We've always admired these lines and hope to work down to SBT with Soleil.

Soleil has huge ears with well pronounced ocelli much like her exotic ancestors. She also has a beautiful Servally head that's triangular in shape with a straight profile and wide nose bridge. We admire Soleil's gorgeous round black spotting displayed on a warm gold coat that's been passed down to her kittens. We'd like to express a big THANK YOU to Jennifer at Fusionkatz Savannahs for the awesome pictures and trusting us with this amazing girl!

Soleil is out of Demdar Anna (F1A Queen) and FusionKatz Elvis Princely of StarSavannah (F6B Stud). Soleil has tested PK Deficiency and PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) Negative (N/N).



F5SBT Savannah Queen "Kirembo Kibibi of SavvyPaws".

Kibibi is from world renown bloodlines known for great health, outstanding temperament, and wonderful overall Servally "type". Kibibi is a fantastic example of an SBT and is one of the sweetest cats we've ever had the pleasure of having in our family. Kibibi has large, highly set, rounded ears, wonderfully hooded, deep-set eyes with the boomerang shape, triangualar head shape with straight profile, the coveted Serval-black nose colour that travels up her nose bridge, thick cheetah tear markings, and a long body, neck and legs. She carries for both warm and cooler toned BST (Brown/Black Spotted Tabby) Savannah kittens and black noses.


Kibibi is the proud mom of our 2015 show girl SavvyPaws Nyota! Nyota earned both her CCA-AFC and TICA Grand Champion Title in under two cat shows within each club. Way to go Kibibi and Nyota!

Kibibi is out of Kirembo Nadiya Zahra (F4C Queen) and Wyldthingz Zakwani of Kirembo (F6SBT Stud). Kibibi is PK Deficiency and PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) Negative (N/N) by parentage.



F7SBT Savannah Queen "CH Exotictails Drogon of Savvy Paws".

CCA-AFC 2014/2015 Best Savannah Cat & TICA 2015 and 2016 Best Black Savannah Cat.

Drogon is both a CCA-AFC and TICA champion along with the first black Savannah to champion within Canada! She has also been awarded 2014/2015 Best Savannah Cat in Canada, and 2015 and 2016 Best Black Savanah Cat worldwide! We couldn't be more proud to have her in our breeding program. She has huge, rounded, Serval-like ears, a lovely triangular face, straight profile, and a long body, neck, and legs. Despite her dark appearance, she carries for wonderful sunny gold and cooler toned spotted kittens and the coveted Serval-black nose. She also carries for part of the elusive charcoal gene. Drogon has a very comical, sweet personality that's passed down to all of her kittens.

Drogon is out of CH Allearz Daenerys of Exotictails (F6SBT Queen) and CH Wyldthingz Khal of Exotictails (F6SBT Stud). Parents were screened HCM clear at the University of Guelph at 3 years of age in April 2015. Drogon is PK Deficiency and PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) Negative (N/N) by parentage.


Savannah Studs


F6C Savannah Stud "Summerwood Coyote".


Coyote comes to us from Jennifer of Fusionkatz Savannahs and we couldn’t be more grateful to have this amazing boy! Coyote has produced many gorgeous Savannah Cats in breeding programs and pet homes worldwide. We adore his huge, rounded ears, wide nose bridge, long legs, and lovely sandy-gold colouring. He is also a gentle boy that passes down his outgoing temperament to all of his kittens. He’s proven to always out-produce himself with kittens of good size and exotic looks. We feel very lucky to have him as the main stud in our Savannah Cat program.


Coyote is out of Summerwood Josephine Fifi (F5C Queen) and Lotsofspotz Jettin Round the World (F6B Stud). Coyote has tested PK Deficiency and PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) Negative (N/N).



F7SBT Savannah Stud "CH Lynxcreek Kyan of SavvyPaws".

Kyan's name means "Little Prince", and while he is definitely the prince of our home, he has grown into anything but being little! Kyan came to us from our long-time friends at Lynxcreek Savannahs. It was evident from the start that Kyan was something special. Along with his handsome features and nice size, he is especially charismatic - something every true show cat needs! We adore his long legs, tall ears, kissable black-nose, and goofy purrsonality. He is a wonderful addition to our home!

Kyan can frequently be seen at cat shows and pet expos across Ontario and sometimes Quebec! He was awarded his Champion title with the CCA (Canadian Cat Association) at his first adult show in Spring 2016.

The first four photos were taken at the Autumn 2015 Ottawa Pet Show by Lynn Jetté of Blue Sky Photography.


Kyan is out of Exotictails Lillith of Lynxcreek (F7SBT Queen) and Exotictails Lucky Charm (F6C Stud). Kyan has tested PK Deficiency and PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) Negative (N/N).

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