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F3 Savannah Kittens

F3 Savannah Kittens are a third generation hybrid cat with an African Serval great-grandfather.

Our F3's are partially hand-raised and socialized underfoot in our busy home.

They're intelligent, intuitive, active cats that bond strongly to their family pack.

We hear back nothing but wonderful stories on how loving and social our F3s are.


Our Cats produce golden, silver, and seal lynx (snow) spotted kittens.

Please email for more photos and info!


Current F3 Savannah Litters

We recently had a litter of F3 kittens! Photos and information coming soon!

Check out our other generations!

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Please contact us at or call (647) 876-PAWS (7297)

for more information, videos, pictures, and individual personality descriptions.

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