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Misc. Savannah Questions

Can Savannah Cats go Outdoors?


Savannah Cats should not be allowed to roam freely outdoors for a few important reasons. First of all, they cannot be vaccinated against FeLV and FIV and would be at risk to catch these diseases. Savannahs are very inquisitive cats and will go investigate that raccoon hole if they get the chance. This can also lead them to bring back parasites, fleas, or mites. Secondly, African Servals also have a 10 square kilometer home range. Savannahs are thus known to wander dangerously far and often can’t find their way back.


We recommend training your Savannah Cat or Kitten to go out on a harness or walking jacket (do not use a standard collar with a leash because they can strangle themselves or even get loose). This way you can monitor how far they go and what they interact with. Specially made outdoor cat enclosures or "catios" can also help keep your Savannah safe while giving them a peice of the outdoors.

While Savannah Cats are a naturally energetic breed, this does not mean they need outdoor excercise. They are just as happy to play with a feather wand, climb their indoor cat trees, and chase around a toy mouse in the comfort and( most importantly) safety of their homes.

Savannah Cat Canada
F4 SBT Jewel enoying her catio on a warm day - Photo Courtesy of Fusionkatz Savannahs
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