Savannah Cat Buyer's Guide

We Are Proud to be an Open Cattery


We believe that people should be allowed to visit a cattery before purchasing their kitten and strongly recommend it. While we do understand why some catteries choose to be “Closed Catteries” (i.e the risk of contamination, stress on the cats, and privacy of the breeder’s home), we believe a person should be able to see the conditions in which their potential furry family member will be raised. How can you know for sure that your kitten is being raised in a healthy, loving environment otherwise? How else do you confirm you’re not buying from a “backyard breeder” or “kitten mill”? A person should also get to meet the breed before committing to sharing 15 - 20+ years with it. How else will you know this is the right breed for you?


Our Savannah Kittens are available for viewing after their first vaccinations at approximately 9 weeks of age. Unfortunately, many people are happy to place a deposit on their chosen kitten before this time. We are happy to have guests come shake our hands and visit our show cats to get a feel for our cattery and the breed so they feel comfortable in the kitten they will be bringing home when the time comes. We make every effort to try to match the right cat/kitten with the right person/family, even if they cannot come see them first!


We can also provide references to other happy families on request and are well known in the Savannah breeding community.


We have been an active member of the Savannah Breed Section and the Savannah Breed Mentors lists for nearly a decade.


While we do advocate visiting your breeder, please keep in mind that breeders are NOT pet stores! We breed as a hobby, have full time jobs, have families and (sometimes) social lives. Breeders are generally very busy people and can make time by appointment only. Tours are not available when we have very young un-vaccinated kittens for their safety and our queen’s privacy.


Savvy Paws frequently attends cat shows, pet expos, and breed presentations for people interested in learning more about the Savannah Cat breed! Please check out our schedule on our Facebook page or email us for more info!


Some Tips on Avoiding Kitten Mills, Backyard Breeders, and Online Scammers…


Please take a moment to read our guide on how to spot and steer clear of Kitten Mills, Backyard Breeders (BYBs), and Online Scammers! The number one tip we have for excited new kitten buyers is to do as much research on the breeder as possible BEFORE committing to a kitten!!!




Savannah Kitten prices vary depending on filial generation (how close kittens are to their African Serval ancestry or approximate % of Serval), if they are male or female, whether they are going to a pet or breeder home, and for their overall quality (how closely a Savannah Kitten resembles their Serval ancestry, conformation, markings, size, overall type, etc.).


Below are some estimated price ranges quoted in Canadian Dollars. Savannah Kittens can also sometimes be priced above or below the given range:

*Please note that F1, F2, F3 and F4 Savannah Cat males are sterile. A large percentage of F5 males have also proven to have fertility issues. Thus, only early generation Savannah Cat females can be used in breeding programs. F1, F2, F3 and some F4 females may also have fertility issues and if sold with breeding rights will come with limited fertility guarantees.


**F6 males are the first consistently fertile generation in the Savannah Cat breed. Quality males will be priced on the higher end of the pricing scale and get first pick by registered Savannah Cat breeders. Breeding males from our bloodlines have continuously proven highly fertile and will be sold with full fertility guarantees.


We do not produce F1 Savannah Kittens at this time, but are happy to refer people interested to a reputable breeder. Please note that due to the difficulty in producing F1s, they are normally priced between $10,000 - 20,000.


Occasionally we have retired breeding cats or show cats for more reasonably priced adoption fees.


Our F4, F5, F6 and F7 kittens are normally SBT (Stud Book Tradition) status.


Savannah kittens purchased within Canada are subject to GST or HST (depending on province). Kittens sold to the U.S. or internationally are not subject to said taxes. We ship Worldwide.

What Our Kitten Prices Include

All Savannah Kittens From Savvy Paws Come With...


  • TICA (The International Cat Association) & CCA-AFC (Canadian Cat Association) Registration.

  • At least two sets of Vaccinations.

  • Up to date Deworming.

  • Fecal Testing certifying kittens of being parasite-free.

  • Microchip.

  • A 2 Year Written Health Guarantee.

  • 6 Weeks of Pet Insurance from Pet Secure.

  • Lifetime Savannah Cat breeder support.

  • Savannah Kitten Starter Kit (a sample of premium food being fed at Savvy Paws, a blanket that smells like home, some favourite toys, bowls, starter litter pan, recommendations, etc.).


Savannah Kittens leaving as pampered pet are spayed / neutered prior to leaving our home. This procedure is done at 11-12 weeks of age for most kittens. Surgery done at this age by our highly skilled veterinarian is quick, requiring less anesthetics and minimal pain-killers. Kittens come home bright and alert and heal at twice the speed of a kitten altered at an older age.




A deposit of roughly 1/3rd of the purchase price is required to hold any chosen Savvy Paws Savannah kitten. We accept email money transfers (EMT), PayPal (3.5% fee), bank wire transfers, money orders / cashier’s cheques, and good old-fashioned cash. Deposits are transferable to other Savannah kittens before 10 weeks of age, but are not refundable. A deposit is a service fee you place to have us take a kitten off of the market, send you kitten updates, and care for your future kitten (feeding, vaccinations, spay/neuter), etc. When a potential owner changes their mind in the last moment, not only is it inconvenient, but older kittens have a harder time finding new homes!


We also accept a small handful of pre-birth deposits for serious inquirers looking to secure their place in line for particular Savannah kittens. Pre-birth deposits are $300.00 and are refundable if we do not produce what you’re looking for, and are transferable to other kittens/litters. Deposits towards a place in line are on a “first come first served” basis. When kittens from the reserved litter are of 6 weeks of age, 1/3rd of the chosen kitten’s cost, minus the $300.00, will need to be given or you lose your place in line. We reserve the right to have first pick of any of our litters to hold back for our breeding program.


We also do keep complimentary Savannah kitten email lists and are happy to inform people of upcoming litters – no deposit necessary.




Shipping and hand delivery is available worldwide. Shipping within Canada to other provinces is available through Air Canada and West Jet cargo and is usually between $250.00 - 350.00. Shipping or hand delivery to the United States is usually between $350.00 - 600.00 (not including CITES or related permits for early generation Savannah kittens). Please email us for quotes on shipping outside of North America.

If arrangements can be made a few weeks prior to a kitten being ready, we can often hand deliver worldwide for the same cost as a cargo flight. This means one of our family members will hand carry your kitten on to his/her flight in the cabin area, be able to sit with and comfort your kitten through the whole flight, then lovingly hand him over to you in person at the airport.


We are also happy to meet people wanting to travel with their kitten in cabin at Toronto Pearson International Airport.

We can also deliver within Ontario or Quebec for the cost of fuel.


Please be responsible and check your state’s / province’s / country’s ownership laws on hybrid pets. For example, the first legal Savannah Cat generation you may own in Alberta is F4.

A general list of hybrid cat ownership laws can be found by clicking the below banner: