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F4 Savannah Kittens

SBT or 'Purebred' Savannah Kittens are ones that are further removed from their exotic ancestry. We often refer to them as being 'later generation' cats (F5, F6, F7, or F8). SBT Savannahs are eligible for show competition - though the average one will become someone's cherished family pet.

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Our F4 Savannah kittens have dog-like purrsonalities. They are very outgoing and affectionate with everyone they meet. Our SBT kittens are playful, energetic, and clever!

Current F4 Savannah Litters

Our most recent litters come from our Queen Tazri and stud Jazal. 

Available Kittens



Sex: Female


Mother: Tazri

Father: Jazal

Akiyu is an incredibly sweet, smart, and social girl. She was a part of our show route this year and has enjoyed visiting new places and meeting new people. Akiyu is harness trained and loves going on adventures. Exploring and learning new things is her favorite hobby and would find her place in any home.

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Please contact us at or call (647) 876-PAWS (7297)

for more information, videos, pictures, and individual personality descriptions.

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