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Previous Savannah Litters

Below are some of Savvy Paws' Savannah Kittens from previous litters from 2010 and onward. Please note that all of these kittens have found their new families and forever homes, and some Queens have since been retired. This page is to help potential new owners see how particular kittens may look from our upcoming litters, or even to compare kittens between the various generations of Savannahs. Not all of our previous Savannah Kittens may be posted here, so feel free to email us requesting additional photos!
Please visit our Youtube Channel for some adorable complimentary Savannah Cat videos! Many more photos of previous kittens can also be viewed on our Facebook Page. We have produced various generations and colours to compare!
Cheetah's Past F2 B Savannah Kittens
Soleil's Past F3 C Savannah Kittens
Queen Soleil has produced some of the most outstanding F3 Savannah Kittens that are sought after by breeders and pet owners worldwide! We couldn't be more proud to have Soleil as a part of our program.
Watch one of Soleil's charismatic daughters, Khaleesi, grow up and have adventures with her human family by following her on Instagram here!
Maroo's Past F3 C Savannah Kittens
Various Other Past F3 C Savannah Kittens
Want to watch one of our handsome F3 boys grow up in his new home? Follow the big and handsome Goldust (previously known as Harlie) on Facebook here! Goldust is a wonderful example of the temperament and overall features common to an early generation Savvy Paws kitten!
Various Past F4 SBT Savannah Kittens
Jewel's Past F5 SBT Savannah Kittens
Kibibi's Past F6 SBT Savannah Kittens
Drogon's Past F7 SBT Savannah Kittens
Two of Savvy Paws' gorgeous F7 SBT Kittens from our April 2017 litter are now famous! 😺 'Like' them on Facebook  and Follow them on Instagram to watch Kyo and Kyra the Savannahs grow up in their loving new home!
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