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Savvy Paws Kitten Owner Testimonials

F6 Simba (formerly Sama)

Whitby, Ontario

Simba is friends with my parents little dog, they play and they actually laid down together in the dog bed. Simba loves to play “tag” with us. We run and hide then he runs and finds us and jumps on us. He loves his “tower”. He bolts right up to top and likes to perch up there. He loves toys and has many. He plays fetch pretty good. We put a harness and leash on him at the cottage and he sits out on the deck with us and he watches the birds. He takes turns sleeping with all of us, but when the boys are away he sticks to me like glue.

-Wendy A.

F7 Rex and Thor (formerly Trice)

Brantford, Ontario

They are doing great. A little work, but they are babies. Fun to watch. They go to their room on their own at night when we go to sleep and wait for me to wake up to go to work. This morning around five, I felt little paws trying to grab my hand that was hanging over the bed. Thor finally got on the bed to greet me with a rub.  Lol.. I guess I don't sleep in on my day off. Lol... Got to feed hungry little kitties. :-)

-Holly O.

F4 Reese and newly introduced F6 Shae (formerly Cherika)

Toronto, Ontario

They play a looot and have a crazy blast. I should put some cams on the ground... Like I have anything better to do. They have their rare moments. My cover pic with both in my lap has only happened twice but I seen them sleeping close together and him cleaning her about a dozen times.
-Evan M.

F4 Leo, F6 Lucas, F7 Lucy

Cheltenham, Ontario

My whole family (3) of Savannahs is because of you. We are doing great.

-Mary C.

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